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Can't think a reason for living this life anymore,
Don't know if I can drag it furthermore.
All the things that i believed in are just an illusion,
Want to breakaway from this sweet delusion.

Thought that the sky was bluer,
And the stars were brighter.
But all I hear and see is a lie,
Ppl don't know how it feel to die.

The voices in my head keep getting loud,
I want to die without any sound.
There is no path to travel,
All I can see is not road but only gravel.

I don't like what I want to be,
I just like to be what I used to be.
There is no thing that I believe in,
There is no place that I can live in.

Never believed in the places called heaven and hell,
I know these are just words for that you fell.
People moving like pieces of dead meat,
Slautering each other thinking its some kind of feat.

Running behind the lost hopes and broken dreams,
Living in this turmoil with the distant screams.
Can't explain why I keep living day after day,
I know I'll fade away someday....


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उफ़्फ़ येह जुल्फें तेरी 
जब भी सवरताँ हूँ 
ये ऊलघ सी जाती है 
क्यूंकि इन में मैं घुम हो जाता हूँ |

उफ़्फ़ क्या तेरा उस दर्द को छुपाना 
वो आशुओं का रोक पाना तेरा
हो सके तो पी जाओं
बस इन्ही हसरतों में क्यू में जिये जाऊँ ||

उफ़्फ़ मार डालेगी तेरी ये जुदाई
तेरी हाथों की ये चूडियाँ
ये तेरे दिल का सुकून
ये तेरी मेरे से दूरियाँ |


Dark black
pitch black
was my life
with lots of strife.. going nowhere
not arriving anywhere
empty and cold
nothing to hold.. wasting my life
cutting veins with a knife
feeling so rejected
i was so dejected but then i saw a light
saw something that i couldn't fight
it was your eyes
without any lies.. part of me changed
it was not at all arranged
it was all alarming
coz you were so charming.. then i thought
is that you that i sought
all this time
finding you almost wasted a lifetime..


Oh Mother it was so nice in your womb,
when i was so cozy, pure & so innocent..

Didn't know the single thing,
about the world so cruel..

Sleeping dreaming & dancing
in the world of my own..

I then born into this world,
like a sweetest child of the God..

I cried, almost died,
but somehow i survived..

Then i saw this world,
saw the hate overtaking the love..

Now i want to go back
from where i came from..

It was so quite & so good
i survived there without any food..

Plz give me all your pain mother,
so that no one will there be to bother!!