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Dark black
pitch black
was my life
with lots of strife.. going nowhere
not arriving anywhere
empty and cold
nothing to hold.. wasting my life
cutting veins with a knife
feeling so rejected
i was so dejected but then i saw a light
saw something that i couldn't fight
it was your eyes
without any lies.. part of me changed
it was not at all arranged
it was all alarming
coz you were so charming.. then i thought
is that you that i sought
all this time
finding you almost wasted a lifetime..

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Oh Mother it was so nice in your womb,
when i was so cozy, pure & so innocent..

Didn't know the single thing,
about the world so cruel..

Sleeping dreaming & dancing
in the world of my own..

I then born into this world,
like a sweetest child of the God..

I cried, almost died,
but somehow i survived..

Then i saw this world,
saw the hate overtaking the love..

Now i want to go back
from where i came from..

It was so quite & so good
i survived there without any food..

Plz give me all your pain mother,
so that no one will there be to bother!!


Everyday everytime everywhere
I feel im just there 
To be with the things
I hv been waiting for

i reach for it
then i beg for it
just when i thought
i have it

i realized its not
what ive been looking for
just like a
Mirage over the horizon

i wait i wait
Then i pray
Just like desert
Pray for the rain

but its gone
gone with the moment
and again left
me empty handed.

Life is a lie

Every moment every second of your life,
Ends in a feeling that is totally a lie. 

You try everything to reach the absolution,
But in the end you can't find the solution.

You love then you hate,
In the end you die that's your's fate.

You cheat you ignore,
You repeat you approve.

But in the end when you realize,
Your life has just gone by.


उफ़्फ़ येह जुल्फें तेरी 
जब भी सवरताँ हूँ 
ये ऊलघ सी जाती है 
क्यूंकि इन में मैं घुम हो जाता हूँ |

उफ़्फ़ क्या तेरा उस दर्द को छुपाना 
वो आशुओं का रोक पाना तेरा
हो सके तो पी जाओं
बस इन्ही हसरतों में क्यू में जिये जाऊँ ||

उफ़्फ़ मार डालेगी तेरी ये जुदाई
तेरी हाथों की ये चूडियाँ
ये तेरे दिल का सुकून
ये तेरी मेरे से दूरियाँ |


We level up
not by our age
but rather by
our consciousness

at birth we had
little but no consciousness
dnt know what we are
whats world around us

then we grow up
we r sent to school
thats where our
consciousness is shaped (wtf i say)

you're told to discriminate
you're told to hate
by that hate
you learn to love

but is that love?
is that love
when you're told
which you're not

is that love
when they take
your freedom
and make u to believe it?

teach you how to
exploits others
who r in misery
in need..

the things you do
which r wrong
but they made you believe
that they r right

and by the time
you realized
that its all so wrong
you're helpless to make them right..

then you move to
another consciousness
where you want to do
is to forget all that u hv learned

some get to that consciousness
others just become prisoners
some just get lost
lucky few finds the way

well what im now
im just a prisoner
of those lucky ones
who r lost & found the way!!!


किसी को कुछ समाज में आये 
तो वो मुझे भी बताओ,
क्यू में ये ज़िंदगी बस 
ऐसे ही गुजरता जाऊ |

दिन होता है कब तक होगा
एक ना एक दिन,
कभी इस्को भी
ढल जाना है |

एक काला सा अंधेरा है
जिसमे सबको गुम जाना है,
तो क्यू ना मैं इस ज़िंदगी
का दिया भुजा दूं |

ना मैं ख़ुद को कोई सज़ा दू
ना किसी से कोई दुआ लूँ ,
बस इस वक़्त के हर पल को
खवाबों की तरह भुला दु |